Cold-Formed Steel Roof Trusses

Truss Specifications

Gage: 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20
Coating: G60 (minimum)
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Lamp Metal Trusses, Inc. offers a fully engineered, high performance, load-bearing truss system designed for commercial construction projects. Our trusses are made from SFIA certified code compliant cold-formed steel with a protective zinc coating.

Our truss package includes designing, engineering, fabrication and complete installation services. By choosing a turn-key truss system from one source, you eliminate a need for others to be involved in the roof truss and/or metal decking component of your project. Fewer parties involved means easier coordination and less room for error.

We differentiate ourselves by performing onsite fabrication and follow through with complete installation. Roof trusses are fabricated onsite in accordance with shop drawings and specifications utilizing jigging systems to ensure consistent component placement and design. On-site fabrication by experienced crews helps ensure a quality product by eliminating the risk of damage to the product during loading, shipping and unloading from the shop to the job site. On-site fabrication also cuts time from the process, reduces labor costs and eliminates the need for “piggy-back” truss designs.



Value Engineering

Often times, the initial design of a project is not the most cost-effective design. As a result, Lamp Metal Trusses, Inc. began offering value engineering as a service to our customers.

When you choose us for the engineering of your project, we apply our many years of experience in the roof truss and roof deck industry to create a more economical design and/or specification. This is a great option for helping you meet tight budgets and schedules.

Steel Roof Deck Systems

Deck Specifications

Depth : 1 1/2 inch
Gage : 16, 18, 20 and 22
Coating : G60 or G90 coating
Length : Provided in Stock Lengths
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On a typical project, roof decking is provided in stock lengths, which enables us to cut to the needed length and “lay as we go.” We then attach decking to steel trusses with fasteners, per the specifications set forth by the project design team.

Since we cut the deck as needed, material sorting is eliminated, saving valuable time. Our professionals have determined our process to be the most effective, flexible and efficient use of both materials and labor, which means reduced material and labor costs for you.

All metal deck suppliers to Lamp Metal Trusses, Inc. are members of the Steel Deck Institute (SDI). Learn more about the Steel Deck Institute by visiting their website.



LEED Product Information

There are many ways that Lamp Metal Trusses, Inc can contribute to your LEED efforts. Here are just a few:

  • Steel is the most recycled product in the world. Our steel is made up of at least 31% recycled content
  • Onsite fabrication means less transporting of materials; therefore, less pollution is going into the air. This may qualify your project for additional points.
  • The facilities that supply our steel are located within 500 miles of many of our southeastern job locations, allowing your project to qualify for additional points.