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Executive TEAM

Andy Pfirman


As a family company, Andy began his work in the company as youngster, packaging and sorting roofing nails after school.

Most of his summer and winter breaks included stints working in the shop, keeping up with the facilities, and tending to needed odd jobs.

Graduating with a B.S. Business Administration from Winthrop University, Andy moved to South Carolina and began working in sales for Nucor Steel. At the end of 2010, he decided to move back to his hometown in Hamilton and begin working as a full-time professional in his family’s company. Andy currently serves as a Board Member for the group of Matandy companies, President of Lamp Metal Trusses, and EVP Operations of Matandy Steel.

When not at the office, Andy spends time with his lovely wife, Ashley, and their three boys. He is an avid supporter of local charitable organizations, serving as a Board Member for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hamilton, Board Member for Hamilton CYO, and has been coaching middle school football for the last 12 years.

Scott Zbaren

Vice President

Since assuming the role of Vice President at Lamp in 2022, Scott Zbaren has worn many hats while managing and directing various departments.

His responsibilities include overseeing estimates, collaborating with sales teams, supporting field operations, and accounting through multiple projects. Scott has been integral part of the Lamp team since 2013. Prior to 2022 Scott held the title of general field superintendent where he was responsible for overseeing the execution of all Florida projects while also providing support to Lamp’s many other project superintendents.

Scott earned his Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Missouri State University. Prior to Lamp, he gained valuable experience at Hensel Phelps Construction Co., where he held diverse roles such as Office Engineer, Field Engineer, Estimator, and Project Engineer. His project portfolio spans aerospace, judicial, penitentiary, military, industrial, and residential construction.

Scott is a reliable team player, always ready to tackle problems head-on and put out flames before they become fires. His crazy sense of humor seems to keep his team from wanting to kill each other on those high-stress days (or so he hopes 😉).

Kidding aside, Scott is committed to building standing customer relationships based on trust and respect, first and foremost. He considers his ability to objectively investigate problems and chart win-win solutions a cornerstone of his role. He also sees this as a key component of Lamp’s reputation as an industry leader.

When not at work, you’ll find him enjoying time with his family, on the water, in the woods, and beekeeping.

Jeff Tapley

Chief Estimator

Jeff Tapley serves as the Chief Estimator at Lamp, where his primary responsibility involves takeoff and estimating projects.

Since joining the company in 1998, Jeff has accumulated an impressive 37 years of experience in construction. His expertise spans various roles, including estimation, project management, and field supervision, contributing a wealth of valuable skills and knowledge to the organization.

Motivated by a full calendar of bids, Jeff is passionate about collaborating with his exceptional team to deliver the best possible experience for customers. Known for his reliability and prompt responsiveness to customer needs, he approaches every situation with a healthy dose of humor.

When he’s not hard at work, Jeff enjoys playing golf and spending quality time with his four grandchildren. 

Mark Martin

Sales Manager

Mark A. Martin currently holds the position of Sales Manager at Lamp, where his primary responsibilities involve identifying construction projects featuring light gauge steel truss systems and roof decks.

His customer-facing role also includes bidding and presenting pricing to potential customers.

Mark’s impressive 23-year tenure at Lamp is marked by the cultivation of partnership-style relationships with various stakeholders, including general contractors, design professionals, and trade subcontractors. He boasts hands-on expertise in every aspect of Lamp’s operations, spanning from processing raw steel and roll-forming truss sections, to reading shop drawings, overseeing fabrication, and managing the installation of complete truss and deck systems. He also has extensive experience with electronic plan rooms and estimating software.

Known for his reliability, success-driven mindset, honesty, and loyalty, Mark is a diligent problem-solver who is always there to advocate for customers. Mark takes pride in positive customer feedback, with Lamp being hailed as the top subcontractor on one project. He sees ongoing repeat business with contractors is a testament to Lamp’s reputation as an industry leader.

Mark is a committed father and husband, actively supporting his daughter’s college softball career and his son’s pursuits in engineering. He serves as a bi-vocational pastor at a small country Baptist church and enjoys weightlifting, hunting, and fishing.


Cassie Nix

Office + Project Manager

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As Lamp’s Office and Project Manager since 2008, Cassie is responsible for a wide range of operational tasks. From overseeing accounts, cash flow, taxes, and document management, to managing project and submittal schedules, scheduling material and equipment orders, and offering support to those in field – her role is expansive, to say the least!

Cassie thrives on her commitment to supporting the Lamp team and seeing tasks through from conception to completion, reveling in the transformation of ideas into tangible results. While she occasionally feels like a “pain in the rear” when nudging people to stay on track and get things done, the team knows that her thoughtful, thorough, and responsive approach is essential to the company’s success.

Despite her busy workdays, Cassie always has time for the most important job and biggest joy: spending quality time with her 7-year-old daughter, Josie.


Jeff Ayers

Project Analyst

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In his role as Project Analyst at Lamp, Jeff Ayers plays a crucial part in evaluating projects during and post construction to ensure they are completed on time and in budget. Having returned to Lamp in 2021 after a previous stint, Jeff brings with him 30+ years of construction expertise, focusing particularly on roof components like trusses and roof deck systems.

Jeff started his career in his father’s construction company right after graduating from Auburn University in 1993 where he earned a degree in Business Management. His understanding of the construction industry, from a business perspective, and wealth of experience make him an invaluable asset to the Lamp team.

Jeff holds great respect for his coworkers and appreciates the flexibility of working from home, where he is able to set his own schedule. Outside of work, he prioritizes quality time with his two sons, Jordan and Jonathan. Jeff enjoys watching sports, particularly NFL football and Atlanta Braves baseball, and indulges in Star Wars and Marvel movies as often as possible.

Jake Burns

Project Specialist

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Jake joined Lamp as a Field Superintendent and in 2018 transitioned to the role of Project Specialist. His dual experience in the field and office environments gives him a broad perspective that influences his approach to project management.

Jake assumes diverse responsibilities, including material takeoffs, estimating, QC POC, safety POC, assisting with submittals, and managing various project elements. He is always ready and willing to support the field with material demands and tackle issues requiring office support.

Throughout the course of his career, Jake believes he has benefitted from the mentorship of some of the most talented and experienced construction professionals and craftsmen in the industry. Today, he finds insight and encouragement in his outstanding Lamp colleagues.

Outside of work, Jake strives to spend every moment with his young son Liam. They are avid golfers and bowlers, they enjoy a nice duel in chess, and of course… gaming.


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Mike Mailhot began his employment at Lamp in 2015 as field superintendent where he was responsible for overseeing field operations for projects across Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. In 2023 he transitioned into his current position as estimator. In this role, Mike’s responsibilities include takeoff and estimating of projects. A graduate of Georgia Southern University with a degree in construction management, Mike brings more than 17 years of invaluable experience in industrial and commercial construction to his position at Lamp.

With an outstanding record of completing over 200 projects at Lamp, Mike’s success stems from his proactive approach to challenges and his unwavering readiness to confront them head-on. He values the diverse perspectives and insights gained from his experience working both in the field and the office.

Known affectionately as “Mailhot” by customers, Mike is known for his quiet and responsible demeanor, coupled with a fantastic sense of humor; you can always count on him to see the biggest projects done right from start to finish.

Outside of work, you might find Mike working on projects around the house or cooking up a storm.  

Mike Mailhot


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Ron Ray is a Regional Sales Manager for Lamp’s operations in Florida and North Carolina. With a tenure dating back to January 2012, Ron also holds a stake in Matandy Steel.

Entering the Cold Formed Metal (CFM) truss industry in 1985, Ron initially honed his skills as a draftsman. His journey led him to ownership and management of a metal truss company, a role he passionately fulfilled for over a decade.

With his wealth of experience, Ron stands as a valuable team member and expert in the field. Committed to delivering exceptional service and top-tier products, Ron finds fulfillment in working in an industry marked by innovation. He is fueled by every new challenge and opportunity that comes his way.

In his free time, Ron enjoys spending time with his wife and grandchildren.

Ronald Ray

Regional Sales Manager


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Brian Meadows has been an integral part of the Lamp family since 2007, currently serving as the Chief Truss Designer. In this key role, he specializes in creating innovative designs for light gauge metal roof trusses.

With a career spanning back to 1997, Brian commenced his journey as a design draftsman at Moody Engineering, gradually transitioning into the niche realm of light gauge metal truss design. Fueled by a competitive spirit, he consistently strives to deliver his best work and thrives on tackling challenges.

Brian’s commitment to excellence extends beyond a personal ethos; it is rooted in his belief in nurturing an exceptional company culture and work environment. He is dedicated to solidifying the company’s reputation as a leader in the industry.

Outside of his work responsibilities, Brian values quality time with family. He especially enjoys exploring new places on travel adventures with his wife of 33 years, Valerie.

Brian Meadows

Chief Truss Designer

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Metal Truss Designer Andrew Meadows joined Lamp in September 2020, bringing with him several years of hands-on experience in the truss design industry.

He actively seeks ongoing opportunities for learning and collaborates with team members to foster innovation. His passion for his work is fueled by Lamp’s culture, which offers ample space to learn and grow in the field.

Dedicated to personal and professional growth, Andrew seizes every chance to learn new skills, optimize processes, and contribute to the creation of cutting-edge, modern products.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Andrew treasures moments spent with his family. His leisure activities include playing video games and indulging in anime.

AJ Meadows

Truss Designer

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Phillip M. Esswein, P.E. serves as Lamp’s Chief Truss Engineer. In this position, he is responsible for engineering cold-formed steel roof and floor truss systems and for preparing drawings for the fabrication and erection crews.

Phil has many years of related experience that is both wide and deep, ranging from structural engineering for a variety of facilities and environments, to expertise in construction materials that include structural steel, cold-formed steel, reinforced concrete, masonry, wood, and foundation analysis and design.  Phil’s impressive tenure as a P.E. also includes experience in being a structural team member for value engineering studies, construction cost estimating, shop drawing review, project scheduling and budgeting, technical specifications, contract preparation, and procedural documents.

Phil attended the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio where he received a B.S. in Civil Engineering, Structural Option in 1970, and Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia where he received a Masters in Business Administration in 1981. He currently holds the title of Registered Professional Engineer in 10 states, including Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Ohio; and the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES).

While Phil is a newer member of the Lamp team, he is a longtime fixture on Lamp jobs. Prior to being hired as an employee, Phil provided engineering services for Lamp as an independent engineer for more than 30 years. He enjoys the opportunity to work with a great bunch of professionals who are outstanding in their jobs.

Phillip M. Esswein

Chief Truss Engineer

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Truss Engineer Major Robinson has been with Lamp since June 2022, where his role is assisting in roof truss framing engineering and design. His core responsibilities include drafting shop drawings, designing truss geometry, conducting force analysis, and ensuring strict compliance with applicable building codes and standards.

With a keen understanding of how each product can impact people’s lives, Major approaches each project with meticulous attention and a dedication to excellence every step of the way. He is fueled by the pursuit of innovative solutions to challenges and thrives on the new learning opportunities that each day brings.

In his leisure time, he plays guitar and video games. He also enjoys trying new restaurants for new and unique culinary experiences.

Major Robinson

Truss Engineer


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David Jones is the General Superintendent at Lamp and has been with the company since May 2019. Between budget management and cost analysis, ensuring ongoing improvements and accuracy fall in line with project estimates, and managing field operations and installations, his responsibilities are extensive.

Bringing a wealth of industry knowledge to Lamp, David boasts a diverse background that spans roles as a construction manager, general contractor, project superintendent, and assistant project manager. Additionally, he served as a facility project manager at a university, overseeing notable improvement projects on campus.

David’s primary focus lies in conflict resolution and ensuring operational efficiency across projects. Committed to delivering impeccable results to customers, he dedicates himself to continuous improvement of processes and delivery. For him, the most rewarding part of a project comes from witnessing the complete transition of a building from start to finish, with the installation of the roof structure standing out as a pivotal and personally rewarding moment.

David is attentive, cordial, fair, diligent, and trustworthy. He’s always willing to go the extra mile to get a project to its end goal. In his leisure time, David enjoys reading, spending time with his wife, and tinkering in the garage.

David Jones

General Superintendent

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Nate Hollow works for Lamp as a Field Superintendent. He manages projects, coordinates logistics between general contractors and the Lamp team, and supervises field crews to ensure proper quality controls and safety measures are deployed onsite. In addition, he mobilizes the materials, machinery, and manpower needed to ensure project schedules are maintained and deadlines are met.

With nearly two decades of experience in commercial and residential construction, Nate lends a practiced eye to the projects he manages. He also brings the superior communication and organizational skills needed to ensure a job well done, each and every time. His outgoing, charismatic nature allows him to work well with all members of the team.

When not on the job site, Nate enjoys being outdoors, playing and watching rugby, and spending time with his family and friends.

Nate Hollow

Field Superintendent

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Josh is Field Superintendent, and a fairly new addition to the Lamp family. Over the past year, he has become an integral part of the team as he runs the day-to-day field operations in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Having spent nearly a decade working primarily as a superintendent for a residential home builder, Josh thrives on the dynamic challenges and problem-solving involved in overseeing multiple projects at a time. And he enjoys seeing the tangible results his contributions bring each day. His intrinsic motivation, commitment to accountability, and easygoing nature make him well suited for the job.

Even when not at work, Josh doesn’t spend much time idle. He enjoys a full spectrum of activity – from putting in a nice workout at the gym to enjoying a leisurely stroll with his wife and dog.

Josh Gordon

Field Superintendent