Products & Services

Product & Services

CFS TrussesSteel Deck
Min. CoatingG60G60
Common Gauges20, 18, 16, 14, 1222, 20
Common TypeCee Stud/Track1.5" B-Deck
Min. Yield Strength33ksi (18, 20 ga)33ksi
50ksi (16, 14, 12 ga)80ksi max (extra)
EngineeredYesby EOR
Technical DataTech SheetTech Sheet

LAMP incorporates the information contained within the contract documents to design, engineer, fabricate and install our systems. Decking is ordered to stock lengths and cut in the field to maintain a high level of flexibility as the project is installed.

Seasoned and expert field crews perform the truss fabrication in jigged templates on site and perform the truss installation. This enables our team to deliver a high level of quality with the highest flexibility possible.

Value Engineering

The initial design is not always the most practical or cost effective. Contact LAMP to review your design and make recommendations to improve costs and time constraints. 

LEED Product Information

There are many ways that LAMP can contribute to your LEED efforts. Here are just a few:

  • Steel is the most recycled product in the world. Our steel is made of at least 31% recycled content.
  • Onsite fabrication requires less transportation of materials, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions. This may qualify your project for additional points.
  • The facilities that supply our steel are located within 500 miles of many of our Southeastern job locations, allowing your project to qualify for additional points.